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An Individual Teacher Subscription to Barron's Regents.com gives you instant access to our extensive database of New York State Regents exams, with thousands of questions, answers, and explanations right at your fingertips. With Regents.com you can:
  • Easily prepare tests, homework assignments, and review material using our extensive database
  • New Features! There are two new options when creating and editing your Regents practice exams.
    1. Create a variation of any practice test with one click by using the new "Shuffle" feature to randomly reorder the questions.
    2. Update a favorite practice test in your Exam Library by instantly making a copy, add/remove questions and have a new test without losing your original!
    3. Give your assigned exams a Due Date, beyond which students are prevented from taking the exam (Classroom subscruptions only).
  • Search the database by test date, topic, or keyword.*
  • Print exams, quizzes, work sheets, and review sheets formatted for immediate use
  • Create answer keys complete with detailed explanations for each answer with the click of your mouse.
  • Personalize the database by adding your own questions or by editing existing questions.

Individual teacher subscriptions are only $39.99 and good for one year. You'll get twelve months access to
actual Regents Exams in every available subject area with just 1 subscription.

Living Environment Regents Algebra I - Common Core Regents
Physical Setting/Chemistry Regents Geometry - Common Core Regents
Physical Setting/Physics Regents Algebra II - Common Core Regents
Physical Setting/Earth Science Regents Global History & Geography Regents
English Language Arts - Common Core Regents U.S. History and Government Regents

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Classroom Subscription to Barron's Regents.com includes the same privileges as an Individual Teacher subscription described above, plus 30 additional student passwords that are tied to your account. Because each of your students will have a subscription to Barron's Regents.com, you'll enjoy these added benefits:
  • Divide your "Classroom" into separate classes to which you can assign your customized exams.
  • Students can go online and take your assigned exams wherever they have access to the Internet - school, home, anywhere!
  • Give your assigned exams Due Dates after which the exam becomes "locked."
  • Keep track of when your students are using the site.
  • View detailed analysis of student performance as individuals or as a class and by exam or course Topic.

Classroom subscriptions are only $159.00 and good for one year.

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* Search by keyword is not available for Math exams as these questions are stored in the database as images.